Are there any nifty tricks for making an acoustic guitar louder (for busking etc)
Thanks dudes
I've never done it with an acoustic, but with my electric if I rest it on a wooden dresser or something of the like it picks up the sound and makes it louder... glass doors work too, though it gives it a strange, hollow sound, kind of ghost like... You could try playing in an area with little to no fabric, like a hallway with closed doors along it... may not be practical fixes, but fun to try.
well plugging into an amp would help if ur acoustic has the pickup, ummm playing in an empty room helps, and i do this with my electric too, someone already mentioned it, resting it on a wooden dresser or a door or something, makes it louder (transports the vibration from guitar to the object its resting on.. somehow making it a tad louder)
I don't what pickups for acoustics cost, but if you have a tuner that comes with those clamps you can...clamp on your guitar to measure the tuning, you can clamp it on your head stock and plug it in an amplifier and it'll amplify it.
How is he gonna rest it on a wooden dresser while he's busking?!!

Seriously, like I said, soundhole pickup (around $50 for a decent one) ----> small portable amp. I cant believe some of these goofy answers to such a simple question with an obvious answer.
Heavy strings. Heavier the better.
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Get a saddle and bridge pins made of a harder, denser material.

This will change the sound somewhat though, but as long as you do your research, for the better.
both of the two posts above this one... and also as someone else say, play harder.

thicker picks can also make it louder.
+1 on the thicker picks.
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