Hey folks...

One of my guitars is an almost 20-year-old Aria Pro II. While it has always been kept in a hard case, it has never really been maintained. At this point, the fretboard is so dried out it looks like it has ash rubbed into it.

Question 1: The dude at Guitar Center sold me Dr. Stringfellow Lem Oil. Good stuff? Crap?

So I'm thinking that I will either 'soak' the fretboard with the Lem Oil laid on heavy for 24 hours or do several applications across a day or two.

Question 2: Lay it on heavy for a 24-hour soak or several individual applications?

Obviously, this is most easily done with no strings on the guitar.

Question 3: Is there any issue with the lack of string tension on the neck for 24 - 48 hours if I simply remove the strings and deal with the fretboard and then re-string it?

Thanks for the input!
I would try the Jim Dunlop brand "System 65" kit. It has a fretboard deep conditioner in it, among other great products. Lemon oil is good in smaller amounts, i don't know how good it would be in such large quantity. If anything, you should take a week or so and do it in VERY light amounts once a day for only a few moments. Too much at one time will ruin the fretboard, even if in "smaller" amounts like option two suggests... you only need to put the lightest coating on it for a min. or two at most each time... (and even that may be a bit long?)
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