So I was going to post this in the songwriting and lyrics forum section but I've done that before and no one replied.

Anyway I'm in a band called Cheezus. As the name tells u we're wierd. We're a band that writes stupid songs. But we do take the musical aspect of it seriously.

We've entered a contest and need to cover something but we don't no what to cover.

it must be silly and well known (if possible) because we want votes.

So any ideas folks?
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If your bassist is up to it, go look up some Primus.

We don't have a bassist. Bit silly really.
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We don't have a bassist. Bit silly really.

Shhh! You don't mention that!

Cheezus will soon have a bassist.
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Frank Zappa. if you have a good lead gutiarist.

otherwise, crank the distortion up and play a childrens song, or some kind of popular song(like crank that soulja boy or something)
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I'm in the Mood to Move by Ween
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You could do sexyback, but there's not much you could do musically with it, seeing as it only has two chords...
I'd recommend Tribute by Tenacious D. It's pretty well known, and even has a kickass guitar solo in it, but it is still very silly.
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+1 for Tribute
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gay bar by the electric six

this is definitely a good choice, or u could do anything by Weird Al