This is a picture of my latest project

It consists of a body made from mahogany and pine!!! with the front and back routed out so that they are about 1/4inch thick with a central solid core down as far as the bridge

The neck was bought 2nd hand from a friend and is bolt on

All hardware parts from AXESRUS
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Wow, awesome job.

One thing though. Put a nice, really shiny finish on it and voila!

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Anyway... looks nice.

I'm thinking of doing something similar for my final project in wood shop this year.
Looks awesome. But do put some Lacquer clear on it. then itll be perfect. Even tho i think that the pine just doesnt look right, the contrast, especially the middle stripe, is just awesome. Id wanna put a stripe like it on mine if i could. I luv racing stripes like that on guitars.
I've now modified the guitar by adding a Bigsby lookalike from Axesrus and a roller bridge, I think this finishes it off nicely

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I love the design. Very classy look and the racing stripes are great! I'm also glad to see someone using pine in a first-rate build, it doesn't get the respect it deserves! I'd love to hear that baby!