is it not good to string a guitar with a floyd rose with the ball ends going in the floyd rose? ive seen some people do it and alot of people and the directions on the floyd rose website say to take them off. what are the disadvantages/advantages to this? thanks
depends on the FR some are double locking where you are supposed to cut the ball off. The others are single locking and you put the string in thru the back and leave the ball on.
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in a normal FR with a locking nut (double locking), u are supposed to take em off. But u can string it with the ball end at the tuner.
most you cut the end off. the edge ii and edge iii from ibanez you can do either way. i'd recommend cutting whenever possible.
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it depends. on my ibanez rg1570 i keep the balls on them but on my uncle's esp i have to cut them off
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