Ok i just got this amp last night and its amazing. One question though is whenever im hooked up and I turn the bright switch on it gets a little staticky and it picked up a radio station once for a second. I dont know if it has something to do with my cables or what. My cables are kinda cheap and i plan on getting some new ones next time im out. But the statick only goes away if i turn my treble knob all the way down or if i switch it of bright. Any suggestions on how to make this go away?

Oh and also this is my first tube. So is it normal for the amp to get a little warm back by the tubes and the power switch in the back?
tubes get warm when they are on, so its normal. That kinda thing with the treble seems normal almost to me. Ur cables might have something to do with the static tho.
Try new cables, if it doesn't get better, try a different guitar. If it's still a problem, take it to a shop and see what they'll say 'bout it.

If you're using an active pickup, you're probably gonna get that if your drive is turned up.
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yeah the tubes will get really really hot actually, dont touch them unless you're trying to get 2nd degree burns.
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hah ok so the tube question is answered but how bout the noise?? I know picking up the radio is from my cables now cause i just messed with them, but whenever im plugged in to the vibrato channel and turn the volume up it becomes staticky and also becomes staticky when i flip the bright switch on. It only does this on the vibrato channel, when im on my normal channel the bright is fine and so is the sound when i turn the volume up. So any more suggestions?
Aren't these amps just the epitome of awesome? The clean tone that Fender has perfected is soooo amazing. I have never picked up a radio station however. The first thing I'd do is turn down all your settings and then switch to bright. Slowly dial everything up and see what is doing it (amp or pickups). If nothing else, get a quality cable (which you should invest in anyway). You will hear a bit of a pop when you turn bright on, as it just cranks the hell out of the treble. However, if you learn how to dial in some nice settings, you can get some awwwwwwesome tones (especially with that reverb wayy up lol).

Good luck and enjoy that amp!
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yes. this amp is freaking AWESOME. i love it. not reverb way up, but i'd really love to have one of these babies.

my grandpa might have one of these for a steel guitar of his, if he does, i might be able to inherit it.
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Ok so got a nice monster cable in it now. The sound is good now, the only thing is i get a little like crackling feedback when im not playing sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes. Its not that loud but is that a bad sign? And anyone who has this amp and has some killer settings they like playin with, let me know. Thanks for all the responses guys

Congrats on being a fellow Twin owner. It's amazing, no?

It's completely normal, the warmth your feeling. I've picked up TV with mine so I'm sure it's normal to pick up radio...

EDIT: I'm not positive, but off the top of my head, with out looking, my settings are like

Middle: 3-4

I''l update you when I go upstairs and actually see...it's a great clean tone, very versatile with a pedal.
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