I was looking at 4x12's for a while, but then I started thinking logically and realised that I'd be wasting my money.
I'll be using it for home recording, band practices and gigs. In my sort of area, bands my age don't get to play gigs that are very big, so it's not like I'd need a 4x12. My Marshall AVT50 handled playing a gig to 500 people, no problems with volume or anything, so I don't see why my 5150 bundled with a 2x12 wouldn't.

With that out of the way, I've got about £300 to spend. I've heard bad things about newer Marshall 2x12's, MDF construction n all that.
Anyone got any suggestions? Something with Celestion V30 speakers would be nice although I'm very much open to suggestiosn. My knowledge of speakers is a tad limited. >_>
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Or maybe this.

Was looking at those last night, but when I looked at harmony-central's reviews, I saw a lot of complaints about the MDF construction.