Until the needle broke recently I was enjoying some classic grant green on my old lp player. what do u guys think of the vinyl format ? i love the format. it seems to have a bit of extra warmth and dynamics that cds dont have, though I think the dynamics is because modern music is so over compressed by record labels. and mastered to loud. i mean listen to RHCP californication.
also does anyone know anything about the lifespan of vinyl records ? ive read stuff about brushing them down once done with them, and they damage easily. is there any point getting new music on vinyl if im only going to get a few listens from it ?
I have a record player and my needle broke 2 days ago . I love vinyl, especially the ones that open up like The Wall. You seem to get much more with the vinyl, they feel more satisfying.
Vinyl is great. they take out alot of high frequency, making the sound more warm and comfortable (also otherwise the curves would go too deep I believe, making the record extremely fragile) than CD's. Ofcourse I love cd's also, very practical size, and still looks good, opposed to MP3, which is practical in size (having basically none) but has no looks, and sounds like shiete.
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I love vinyl. I have a little over 200 records and I don't even bother to buy very many CD's anymore, all my favorite music is on vinyl anyways.
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I love vinyl. I need to get a turntable for my room, cuz I never have time to listen to my pies by myself.
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Yeh get the nice big artwork of the vinyl package too...totally different experience than an MP3

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i ouve vinyl.the sound is so unique

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I have vinyls from 30 - 40 years ago. They look brand new. Wipe them with a lint-free cloth after use.
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vinyl is the most beautiful format.

plus they can last a long time if you take care of them.
Vinyl is proven to be of better quality then CD's... so that's a bonus there.
Personally, I just get a cool vibe from playing vinyl. As for the life of vinyl, it all depends on how you treat it. Never touch anything but the edges. Always set them down evenly. Don't get finger prints on them. Use common sense. If they are getting real dusty, you can *gently* wipe them off, but be really careful. Assuming you do all this correctly, vinyl can last years and years and years. I still listen to Thriller by MJ and that copy is at least... 20 years old. Sounds pretty good still, and it's got smudges all over the place.

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