Hey everybody.

I'm a 17 year old singer/guitarist looking to get in or start a new pop-punk, acoustic or hell, even just a damn good old rock band.

I was in a band with some of my friends before, but I kind of outgrew them, but I took away a little bit of experience from it at least.

I have some of the equipment from the last project plus my own additions. I have 3 electric guitars, one custom made, a dean les paul style thing and a generic strat the i started on, an acoustic, a line 6 and a randall amp, a bunch of mics and a small bass amp that i now run them through (I really don't need a whole lot of power now since its just me) I also have a very basic keyboard and my dad's old 5 piece drum set. I know that this doesnt seem like a lot to run a band off yet, but i will be upgrading to a fender acoustic in the coming months and then (hopefully) either a line 6 spider half stack or a gibson sg.

I have a lot of ideas running through my head right now about what I would like to at least try, but first and foremost, I want this to be a good experience for whoever would like to get involved, and (hopefully again) a few dedicated friends and fans.

If starting a band from scratch is an easier option, I would be looking for everything; drummers, bassists, other guitarists. I wouldnt even mind other singers, keyboardists or anyone that is at least somewhat musically talented.

So, yeah, if youre interested in still having fun with music and being in a band, leave one in the posts below or leave me a PM and ill get back to you.

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