ok im in early devolopment of my first guitar build


Body shape:
not sure of a body shape (i dont like strat or explorer)

paint job:
i know im gunna stain the top of it. an solid paint the back black.
open to any dark colors.

what i play:
my i play loads of types of music from hardcore to acoustic.

other stuff:
i would like to have a whammy bar just not sure what type of whammy bar.
And i thinking of putting a 10 eq onboard the guitar in the cavity so that the everything goes through it.
also should i do a solid body im gunna cut the body longways in half or get to types of wood or two of the same type cause i gotta get into the guitar to do some detail work and such.

tell if anything on here undoable or is really stupid.
and throw some cool stuff at me.

once i get started i will start posting pictures.
prototype 2tst.JPG
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Dude do this.

Make a semi-acoustic explorer that would be very unique i dont think they exist do they?
do you know how to make a 10 band eq?
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ya that would be very unique but explorers arent my fav shape. maybe a flying v acoustic has that been done?

no dont know how to make a eq but figured i could find a tutorial somewere or buy a kit.
Definatly do a solid body. a semi-hollow would be rather difficult imo. An LP would look great, stained red with a white pickguard. And those can get alot done. But i dont like LPs with whammys on em. Maybe make it like a Fat Strat, as with the right pickups, itll sound amazing and look great out of Ash. But idk about covering hardcore to acoustic., but with the right bridge p/u, and two Strat singles, u can definately do any kind of clean, distorted, and mayber a bluesy sound too. But i doubt any one guitar can cover all the bases without failing in one of em. A HSS Strat w/ a coil-tap on the bridge HB would be the most versatile guitar possible i think.

EDIT: Dean makes electro-acoustic Vs. But they are pretty cheap. Id go with a Strat tho.
im up for doing a semi hollow ill probably chamber it out a little bit get some good substain and stuff.
the guitar needs to be as clean as possible what kind of pickups would i need to get?
If u mean sound-wise, Strat single coils are super-clean, but as far as humbuckers, maybe some PAFs or Duncan Jazz's.
iv decided this guitar is mostly gunna be used for acoustic stuff mostly it will be a solid body but i need to know what kinda pickups to use like humbuckers or something else.
If you want an EQ, you can buy one of the Danelectro 7-band EQ pedal, remove the innerds and mount them in the guitar. A fellow on here did that to a guitar, it's in the Customizing Gallery if you want to take a gander.
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If you want a trem, and you have the money, get a Kahler. It requires a very small amount of routing compared to something like a Floyd.

And yes there are V shaped acoustics, Dean makes one.

Also, did you say your going to be using two types of wood for the body on a solid? Are you going for a cap on the body? I wouldn't try anything too out of sorts unless you have woodworking experience. Another thing is to consider making a bolt on and buying a neck. Just do your reading, and take your time (get some books on the subject and know what you are doing before you end up with a mess, the Melvin Hiscock book is good and I believe it guide you through building a T-style guitar)
put a new picture up of a possible model.

omg i wish i had 400 dollors right now.

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