hai thar ugers. (u c wat i did thar?)

What is your guys' favortie thread in the history of UG?

Mine has to the hot chicks thread, or the ban the user above you thread.

One, Two, Three...GO!
I live for no one thread alone.
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The 'Let's talk about GAYS!' thread is pretty entertaining stuff.
lol u have faggot in ur username

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The Final Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright or Evanna Lynch Thread..

I was the one that made that thread worth reading apparantly..
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I like the Hot Chicks Thread, but who doesn't? The Hot Ass Thread is good too, but not on the same level.
My name is Marc! Silly username.
I like this one
The Baby thread from way back when has been one of my favourite pit moments like, evarr.
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the irish thread

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I remember that thread.
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any chung thread.

recentish that one about the kid throwing a spear into some girl. that made me chuckle.
Recurring thread - Ban the user above you. But you guys knew that.
Lots of others that were amusing at the time. Right now I have to say doughnuts.
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