hi, i'm new here! this is nothing fancy just a song i was playing around with on my guitar. it was recorded in sound recorder so i only had 60 seconds to do it(which is why i sped up so much haha). anyways, i really want some critique on my playing because i've been playing for a couple of years but i haven't had lessons and was sorta wondering how much difference that would make. feel free to bash/flame/whatever i already know i'm not that good, but what i'm really looking for are suggestions on what to work on with my playing. :P
oh and some criticism/suggestion on my composition would also be really welcome!


I like it, put some words to it... btw check out audacity, its a free sound recording program where you can mix multiple tracks
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Sounds good to me, put some lyrics into it and you'll have yourself a nice little song. Try to smooth out your playing a little bit but overall it sounds pretty good, maybe even add a little bit of piano in there.
wow, thanks for all the nice responses! haha the song is actually something i'm working on for my girlfriend, she might be pissed if i gave it away to someone else :P