Wtf? I don't care about the disney thing cos if it gets kids playing music thats fine, but its just a tele layout on a different shape guitar, its just... weird.
yea i saw that. Schecter also made a Texas Cahinsaw Massacre Avenger. Epi made a Pirates of the Carribean G-400. Companies do what they can to get money, and it starts to get sickening after a while.
I have a plain strat by washburn, and it's nice for an inexpensive guitar. It's fairly heavy, though, so that might be part of why I like it.
What amazes me most is in the description of the item/show...that pile of bad acting was nominated for a Grammy?

I honestly wouldn't let this stop you from buying that guitar, greater companies that Washburn have made ****ty endorsement pieces in the past.
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i actualy liked the texas chainsaw massacre avenger, not a big fan of the movie, but it just seemed to work
its no reason not to buy a washburn... that said, its clearly a ****ty endorsement, and more than likely, a ****ty guitar
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Look on youtube.com- search "rediculously hard classical **** that no one in their right mind would try" and you'll find some 5 year old asian kids playing it
squier makes hello kitty guitars, doesn't mean it's gonna stop me from getting a fender if i really want one, you're just making up excuses
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squier makes hello kitty guitars, doesn't mean it's gonna stop me from getting a fender if i really want one, you're just making up excuses

+1. while I assume TS's comment was sarcastic, still kinda dumb sounding. And yes that Washburn is stupid, but everyone here would do it if they were running Washburn due to the fact it could bring you a lot of business and money
that things freakin backordered

R.I.P. S.R.V. dimebag ain't got nothin' on you.
R.I.P. Hendrix... nevermind, god can't die
I love Disney, never heard of Hannah Montana but if it sucks I can pretend it doesn't exist. Still getting my X50 pro.
****. That headstock is as ugly as ****!!! Why can't they make any decent headstocks!!!

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One of those AND the Hello Kitty guitar.... both would look br00tal doing some death metal on stage.

You've got your assignments people! I want to see some vids!
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"Select hardwood," aka ****ty wood.

I'll take the Hello Kitty Squier any day, thank you very much.
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meh, the only problem i have with it, is the fact that it's a hardwood body.

why not give young girls a reason to play guitar?

her father is billy ray cirus. certainly she knows how to play guitar.

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It gets more guitars sold outside of your typical guitar markets. Anything that gets a guitar in the hands of someone is a good thing. Anything that gets people into music period is a good thing. The arts are vanishing from schools. Who knows...it's quite possible that Hello Kitty and Hannah Montana can lead to the likes of Segovia and Scofield.


Or would you rather people just listen to metal?
A good idea is to not to buy that guitar.....yeah pretty sure thats a good idea....yeah pretty sure.....um yeah pretty good idea......yeah I'm sure.
Colgate Total, you're just too fast for me, I've been sitting here laughing at "select hardwood" or "select cardboard" or whatever it says.
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There's nothing wrong with Metal at all (other than being too incredibly awesome).

+1 props to you buddy
Hey I actually want a hello kitty guitar, show's some balls!

And Washburn = awesome, I think the multiple levels of ****ing kick ass that the Washburn N5 creme gives off lest this be allowed.
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"Select hardwood," aka ****ty wood.

I'll take the Hello Kitty Squier any day, thank you very much.

The more I see the Hello Kitty Squier, the more I want it.

This Disney Washburn has it's charm too, but it's not as in your face "Yeah, it's pink, big whoop, want to fight about it?".
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
If that was full scale I'd buy it...
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