When I say poor, I mean poor. Like been saving up for firepod and a few sm57's and a few condensers, but don't have anything to show for it kind of poor. So, my question is this :

I have ONE computer microphone to work with. Not USB, it goes straight into the soundcard. Im obviously multitracking, shove it in front of the amps, and my singer. But what happenes with drums. Where do the UG recording nazis reccomend I put my ONE crappy microphone? I got a suggestion from a buddy a while ago, to record multiple tracks of drums, each time putting the mic on another drum. Is this a possibility.

One more thing, I don't want people coming on here and telling me I can get this interface and that mic and this software for X amount of dollars. Thank you.
hmm, i know nothing but see if you could record all the drums in one go then...

Do each drum part through the mic (one track for snare, bass etc) then delete the first recording of the whole kit...seriously...i don't know.
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It's all about trying things out.
Use things you would normally use... Put it in places you wouldnt.
Believe me, I have NO money whatsoever. I have 1 microphone that goes into the sound card too. I multi-track. We're in the same boat. Be creative. Some suggestions that work for me with drums.

1) Tied from ceiling wrapped in bubble wrap above the kit.

2) On the floor facing out of a door 2 metres away from the kit.

But this works in my recording room (shed).

You've just gotta try things out. Or get money... And if you find out a cheap way... tell me!
I would try this one out.

hang it from the ceiling about as close to the drummers head as you can get (without him knocking his head into it), pointing directly into the snare drum.

when we were doing 2 mic drum spreads back in the day.. (REALLY back in the day...) we would do this. except we also had one in the kick drum. but this could work too.

try to keep the gain on the mic down, so it doesn't distort, and maybe even have the drummer try to watch how hard he's hitting.
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^^Yeah, I've done that before, but turned out I got like NO bass drum in the mix at all. How about putting the mic on the floor in front of the bass drum, well not right in front, a few metres back maybe.
ah, it worked for us back then, but we did have two mics.. one was a dynamic in the kickdrums, the the condenser was by the drummers head. we were careful place it below the cymbals so they wouldn't sound too trashy. (they did anyway) XD
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