In my english class, i have this lame report on Romeo and Juliet due Tuesday. The project was to design a soundtrack for the play. Luckily, i have partners to do most of the work. Im trying to find a song to fit the part where tybalt kills mercutio and Romeo kills tybalt.

In simpler terms, i need a song about two families at war, or honor killing, or something along those lines...... For the most part, the lyrics have to correspond with the part in the play. Can anyone help?
maybe November Rain (GNR) for the end
and Seek & Destroy (metallica) for the fight in the city
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i'm not sure about those 2 parts, but The Four Horsemen by Metallica might fit in good somewhere, and it's not about war or hate or anything, but for when mercucio dies, Everbody Hurts by REM might work well
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right, get your guitar(i take it your a guitarist) and write a song, you might get better marks for creativity or something

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I think the TS will know what to do next

already took fade to black for the suicide reference in the end. Damn. seek and destroy would have been good. I might just look for a song about suicide now and use seek and destroy.
its been a while since i heard it, but maybe "we fall, we fall" by dead celebrity status
its a bit old, but i remember it had that linkin park guy in it (i think)
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Urgh I hate how they insist on teaching bloody romeo and juliet in high school. It was one of shakespeares worst. Its not an original storyline at all. If you really wanted to study shakespeare the merchant of venice or taming of the shrew are much better. sorry that was off-topic.
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Wasn't Exit Music (For a Film) - Radiohead specially wrote for the film, you could go with that.
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A Change of Pace - Prepare the Masses

thats one of the songs that one of my partners picked.