alright I need help with soloing in All the Things you are I know the chords, head, and im familiar with it. But, im having trouble with the key changes and where they are

I think the first transition is between the Amin7b5 and the D7
i know there are more but Im not sure where they are

Also, what are some other good modes or scales I could play for it when soloing

I think dorian is one...
Well you could always use a arpeggios:

Amin7b5: A C Eb G
D7: D F# A E

Or you could play A Locrian over the Amin7b5, and Mixolydian or Bebop over D7.
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nah thats not really a key change really. that amin7 b5 is just in harmonig minor instead of normal diatonic.
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Am7b5 -D7 is just a ii-V

heres a quick harmonic analysis of the song:

A: | Fm7 | Bbm7 | Eb7 | Ab∆7 | ... vi - ii - V - I in Ab. fairly simple, diatonic, work on your ii-Vs.
| Db∆7 | G7 | C∆7 | % | The Db shifts things; as the IV of he previous Ab and it is something of a Galt chord. The next three bars is V-I in C.
B: | Cm7 | F-7 | Bb7 | Eb∆7 | vi - ii - V - I in Eb. The first line but shifted down a fourth.
| Ab∆7 | Am7b5 D7 | G∆7 | G∆7 E7#9 | Again the Ab as the fourth pivots from being the IV and continuation from the last to being a partial tritone sub for the E that preceds the A in the next bar. The A - D - G is just a ii - V - I in G. I'll talk about the E next series because it's part of that.
C: | Am7 | D7 | G∆7 | % | along with the E, we have a VI - ii - V - I in G again. Very common.
| F#m7b5 | B7 | E∆7 | C7#5 | ii - V - I in E. The C is the III7 of the next section. Link it to the E with the shared G#.
D: | Fm7 | Bbm7 | Eb7 | Ab∆7 | same as first line
| Db∆7 | Gb13 | Cm7 | Bdim7 | Again the Db is a bit of a pivot; there's a sort of ii - V in Cb. The C to B is sort of like a ii - V in Bb but be careful because it isn't quite. Focus on the chord tones here, and try to get to the next line in one piece.
| Bbm7 | Eb7 | Ab∆7 | (Gm7b5 C7b9) | ii - V - I in Ab. fun. the G - C is a minor ii - V in F, to bring you to the top when you're repeating the form.

have fun with it!
What does the '%' mean?
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same as last bar

sorry for that not being clear ... I didn't want to just leave it blank.