Well long story short there is a 5150II (SAME EXACT AS 6505+) in the paper for $1,100. I went to see it today, it was crazy, got camo cab (the 5150 412cab) But i was looking around today and i saw you can get NEW 6505 heads for $1,100. But i would need cab. What cab should i get if i was going that way, or is the 5150II worth it. (its in pretty good conditon)

I mean if i go with a new head (Even a 5150 head) it'l have a warrenty, and stuff is less likly to go wrong, and will have that "New head Smell". and then get a used cab?

So im really not sure, should i go for the used 5150II or a new 5150/6505 (head not a big fan of the 5150 cab, but idc really.)

Please only post if your trying to help, and not just spam / flame random B.S.

But whats a god cab for the 6505?

the 6505, ($700) NEW


Marshall 1960 ($890) NEW

or should i go for a used cab?
maybe a vader?
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Used Cab would be fine, but if you have the money to Spend id suggest a New Cab as well, for some reason i like new stuff...but if ur on a tight budget, go used.
Yeah get a new cab, because alot of people dont like the 5150 cabs, including myself. i recommend an avatar or the marshall 1960
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IMO you should buy a 5150 head on Ebay for $650 or $700 and buy a used Marshall 1960a for $350. I don't really like the 5150 cabs. I think a Mesa, Orange, or Marshall 4x12 would sound nicer than the 5150 cab.
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I might try for a 1960AV, the V30 sound nice and tight with that head. You might want to stick with the 5150 too, some people think it's a little more raw sounding and aggressive down low. That is, unless you are looking for a more refined sound.
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