Just wondering the name of this pedal type, think it's delay, but could someone explain the basics?

David Gilmour in concert: He's playing Shine on your Crazy diamond on an acoustic. He strums a chord, hits the pedal and the chord fades into the background (as if a keyboardist had played it and was holding it down).
Marty Friedman, Melodic Control: He plays a couple chords (I suppose recording it on the pedal while doing so), and then uses it to replay the sound (strumming and all), so that he can solo over it.

I just want a pedal that I can have chords replayed to solo over for practise. Don't talk about backing tracks please.
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The first one is Reverb I think by the sounds of it and the second one is Delay.

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second one is a looper, and the first one is a looong reverb or a delay with a ducking effect on it.
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The second one at least sounds like a looper.

Yeah second one your described might be a looping pedal.

As for Gilmour, any sort of delay/ reverb or light echo effect might work.
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