I currently own a 2002 Fender Mexican Stratocaster. The guitar originally had 3 white single coils and a white pickguard. I have modified the guitar some as you can see. The pickups are 2 single-coil 69 fender customs(SD covers) and 1 SD custom shop 78 EVH pickup. I also changed all the pots to CTS(500K vol and 250K tones) and the cap to a NOS Sprague diamond Q. The guitar sounds really good, but I am thinking about doing some more upgrades. I want to get as close as I can to the VH1 tone. I am contemplating using this guitar or starting over. First, this guitar has a poplar body and I want to use an ash. Did Ed use a northern or swamp ash body? Also, I need a brass nut. How much difference did the brass nut make in your sound? Also, do the other 2 neck pickups effect the humbuckers performance? I am wondering if I should just buy a fender ash body guitar with a maple neck and start over. With this guitar I could swap the body for a black ash body and install a brass nut. Should I do this or just buy another guitar?
Here is a picture of my guitar:

damn man, that guitar in the pic is a keeper. get a new one and start over, in the end, all you'd really be keeping anyways is the neck. So ya, IMO, get a new fender with an ash body (can't help you on the species though, sorry), and a maple neck, and keep that one there and start making the VH1. Good luck, and nice guitar (where'd you get the pickguard?)
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shoted, I've been staring at your avatar for a couple minutes trying to figure out if the plack bars are moving up, right, or diagonal...

TS, sweet guitar, if it sounds good keep it.
I think I will leave this axe alone. Except for upgrading the current plastic nut to a bone nut.