I have nerve damage in my arms and fingers due to hyper extentivity of my joints. I'm in splints for 6 weeks and if that doesn't work, I get nerve surgery. My hands hurt a lot when playing, they get tired so much quicker, and they are constantly cold due to nerves being messed up.

I think it has to do with my left hand curling too much. My profile picture shows this. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Otnip/
My hands are a bit small, however I am only 15.

So based on that info, should I get a smaller neck on a guitar, readjust my play technique, or roll over and die? What guitars have small accessible necks for smalls hands like mine? I'd really appreciate any responses, I feel real down about all of this

Thank you
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I'm 12 and I play just with my puny skinny hands. I used to get sharp pains right in my wrists when playing some barre chords, but that went away after practicing a different hand positioning.
I have a brace for tendonitis of my fretting hand. Been effed for almost 2 months now. Today, I learned the 2 solos in Them Bones, though! The advice they gave me was to wait until I was comfortable playing again and to take it easier. The only advice is to let it heal. You don't do a bunch of pushups if your biceps are sore, do you?
I have pretty small hands myself, but have never experienced anything like that. You say your left hand was curling a lot, have you tried repositioning the guitar? If you're curling your hand upwards, maybe if you tild the guitar down slightly it'd give it some more leway?

Sorry if not helpful, never had to deal with anything like this, but I totally feel for you. I'd hate to experience pain whilsts doing something I love
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"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
Find a way to play that doesn't make your hands hurt.
As for the guy with wrist pain, try taking a string and wrapping around your upper forearm so that it places gentle pressure on the muscles just below the elbow. This tends to help with upper wrist pain generally associated with carpal tunnel.
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Try to get some physical therapy, or lift weights and work on flexibility. It sounds like you may have neuropathy. One off label treatment is Amytriptiline (Elavil.) After three days the pain (burning and stabbing and throbbing almost disappear. Ask you doc.
I have neuropathy in my right leg so fortunately it doesn't impact my playing. I have a finger on my left (fretting hand) cut off at the first joint. I though I would never play again. That was 25 years ago. I didn't give up and now I play better than ever. It'll work out for you too. You have my prayers.
im going to say, dont forget the elow and the wrist. (the nerve can catch on any bended joint.) dont hunch over the guitar. stand and play, raise the strap.

ive had a pinched nerve moved from my elbow and physical therapy on my wrist. (for thumb and finger problems)

the physical therapy worked great on the thumb.
strength training, pulling rubberbands, squeezing rubber ball, silly putty pulling, warming up before playing and icing after play. stopping when pain hits and seeing a specialist, maybe wearing a night brace, if nothing else works.

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Let it heal. If you have to start from the beginning, so be it, but guitar for the rest of your life is better than guitar for only the next few weeks/months/years if you end up causing serious damage. It also pays to really take things slow and study your technique and playing position. I had some issues with my right hand a while back and I had to completely change the way I play from the ground up. The end result was full use of my hand away from guitar and an improvement in my overall technique, although I did loose some speed in my picking. A small trade off.
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I played with a cast on... it didnt even hurt... lol but im no help sorry.

Small hands? I doubt it... maybe just try another technique. I have long, long fingers, like i can play from fret 3 to 9....
Les Pauls have pretty monstrous necks. And cute profile pic (no homo).
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I played with a cast on... it didnt even hurt... lol but im no help sorry.

Small hands? I doubt it... maybe just try another technique. I have long, long fingers, like i can play from fret 3 to 9....

Wrist movement is very limited in these things.
When I'm running up a scale say going to the fifth to seventh to ninth the stretch seems pretty big for me. Ibanez necks are smaller, yeah? Hmmm. Thats a possibility. Thanks so far for the replies guys I won't give up
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
I have some nerve crap too. I know nothing about what you have tho.

The Rondo Agile has a slim neck LP, and Ibanez RG necks are quite thin. Most Ibanez necks are on the thin side. I do not like most LP necks, too chunky.

I would work out some(after you heal), and take some whey protein(10-30 grams) every 3 hours if you can do it. Worked for me.
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from looking at your profile pictures. try playing in the classical position (set the guitar between your legsand angle it about 45 degrees) it will be awkward at first but it's closer to how you hold it when standing so it makes the transition easier
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