My friends and I have started this band for two reasons.

We were tired of the screamo crap that has consumed our community.

And we all played instruments and figured we'd give our music a go.


3 original songs, and one cover as of now.

Please post your opinion here, or if you want to, add us to your friends on myspace.

Thanks and please enjoy.
Not my band cause we've only recently started playing properlly BUT..These guys are pretty sick, pretty big in the Garden City Scene.

www.myspace.com/beneaththesilencenz Check em out, Beneath The Silence [Hardcore]
Remember...Recent Descent, we'll be bringing out some sick stuff.

This is just as generic as everything else out there. Not really breaking any new ground, or even adding anything interesting to the mix. It's just a clean melodic rhythm riff, with a boring chord progression and an uninspiring guitar 'solo' played over it..

That said, cut shorter, they'd make VERY good intros to a "crap screamo song"....
yes your music is nice but as Mark-O1987666 said is it is not breaking any new ground or adding anything to the mix, i think you need another view but in general it is nice i liked it
can i add you to myspace?
Thanks for the feedback, and yes go ahead and add us if you please.

I can see where you are coming from when you say it sounds the same and it lacks anything new.

But when you are recording by yourself for over a year, you don't really gain any new ideas when you don't expand your knowledge of music.

I guess I forgot to mention that all the recordings besides the PDA cover were by me, and on PDA, I play both guitars and bass, while my friend Alec recorded the drums.

We're contemplating kicking out the stray band member who doesn't practice much, and we believe that will give us the ability to move onward at a reasonable pace.

Once again, thanks for the feedback and I will try my best to expand my musical experience.

Wow, i put that in the wrong place, ****.
Sorry dude, but i have to say i do like your stuff, as Moose said realxing but kinder sound the same.
I like it either way.

i liked it, but you could definately expand on it. and you shouldnt have said screamo crap. i dont like screamo music either, but i dont bash it.

and you have a member named L.T. Smash

kudos for the simpsons reference

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