I am hopefully getting some (disposable) money here soon, and I am wanting to buy a Traynor Amp. I dont know if I should buy the YCV 40 or the YCV50BLUE The problem is the Blue puts me a little bit over the amount I want to spend but if it is way better then I would do it.

I am trying out for a local rock band here, and right now I cant be heard at all. I would be playing clubs, and jamming with some LOUD bandmates. I play mostly rock, classic rock, hard rock, and some blues. THe heaviest I would go is probally Metallica.

I was also looking at the Peavey Valveking, but am leaning towards one of the Traynors.


EDIT: There is also a YCV80 up here.... Will that be too loud? I will like to play this at my house sometimes too.
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Where in Canada do you live? I'd check your local craigslist, you maybe be able to find a YCV40 for cheaper.

I wouldn't say the Blue is better, just different. Both are good for what you play, and both will be more than enough volume. I never turn up more than halfway ina fullband situation.
I've written a review on the YCV40, if you wanna read more on it.
^^^ I live in the Edmonton Alberta area... I have seen a couple but they werent much less, then what you could get off of ebay, and at least you get the warranty.

I saw a used YCV 40 in a pawnshop for 500 bucks,
If you're gonna go metallica, get the blue, it's got a better speaker, and EL34's for more bite than the ycv40
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