I need some help from the pit
I have just gotten into Buddhism and meditating and a lot of it's meditating music mostly from japan...and I'm thinking of getting this Japanese flute called a Shakuhachi since it's in a lot of my meditation music...I was wondering if anyone else plays this or knows where to find tabs or something for it...I'm gonna have to learn standard notation, me thinks
well its not going to be easy, maybe buy a book from the place you're getting it from or ask them to order it in.
It's probably quite likely that you will have to learn standard notation. I dont think there's a huge 'shakuhachi' market out there.
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Yeah you'll most likely have to learn standard notation, it's not that hard though, I used to play the recorder and the clarinet when I was in primary school (about 9 years old) and I picked it up pretty quick, with you being able to play guitar(?), the theory of it shouldn't be too hard for you to learn, the only hurdle is finding one of them instruments! Suppose you'd need a book on the different notes for it aswel. You tried googling it for any places near you, or a mail order website?
(1) Go you YouTube and search for "shakuhachi".
(2) Find a performance you like, then search the performer in Google.
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