I finally got it!


for $500 at a pawn shop, absolutely no scratches on it, it's like brand new!

but I didn't realize til just now that it has a floating bridge (never had one), and I've heard they can be problematic. how should I approach setting up one of these?

I'm gonna clean up the fretboard and put new strings on it, and then I'm gonna make sure it's intonating right.

I was lookin at this http://projectguitar.com/tut/intonate.htm

could I just hold down on the whammy bar while I'm moving the saddle?
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Righty ho, when you bend a string the other strings' pitch will go down, thats one of the problems. Also it'll go out of tune really quickly if you use it too much. Apart from that, good luck.
That looks like a Wilkinson... Check out their website for info on setting them up. If you get a graphite nut and locking tuners, it should stay in tune extremely well when properly setup. I also find its best to tune floating bridges liek this: