Tommorow a New pup is being put on my SG ( SD Custom 5 ) and im also ognna puck up a new pack of strings, so i was wondering what are some good Brands? ive heard a whole lot of Discussion about Snake Oil and Daddario and Ernie Ball's, but what are the Best? im used to playing with Gibson Bright Wire .10's, but they lose the 'new sound' fast.
I have a les paul and right now I'm using Daddario's. I like them. I tried DR strings, but didn't like those at all. I only use 9's
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i recommend either elixirs or DRs because they last really long and dont get that dull sound you get from old strings. also when you go away on vacation for a few weeks, they dont get all rusty.
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You also might try Rotosounds. My acid dripping fingers don't seem to trash them as badly as most other brands I've tried, so they tend to last me longer, whereas I would change EBs or even Blue Steels twice a week. Your mileage may vary.
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There is no best. Try DR though. I find they last the longest and are the most stable tuning wise. they also have an extremely short break in time, in fact they feel broken in as soon as you put them on.
Elixer Nanoweb is what I use. I like them, I haven't found any other strings I like as much as these.