Does anyone know what the difference between gp5.0 and 5.3 or whatever the latest one is. I had a copy of it so would need to redownload the 5.3. If it improves the RSE or whatever its probably worth it because there are some reliability issues.
they are all practically the same, but the newer versions have some flaws/imperfections fixed, or they have a more memory saving thing, that's why some gp5 files won't play on other gp5 files
I had an upgrade from 5.0 (I can't remember which one though, might have been 5.2 or 3) and it sucked balls. 5.0 is a great program aside from the buggyness and what-not.

In the upgrade version I had to dick around for 10 minutes to get the guitars to be tolerable, I don't want to make the music on there sound great, I want to tab out songs. If you want to make GP songs, just for GP then you should probably upgrade and get then newer version, if you don't really care stick with 5.0, it's a lot easier.