OK, I am have a rather large problem with my band, and here is our current stituation:

We are tight Musically, and people have said that we sound great, people have been especially impressed by our drummer, because he has only been drumming a few months and my singing because it improved so much since we started. People have said that most of lyrics have been fairly decent. Right now, we have 6 Orginal songs complete and two cover songs and were have pretty much down pat.

Here is the problem, We would all like to record a demo/short album, but The other members in my band don't feel that we are ready, and I know we are ready, since were going through basicly at 35 minute set relatively mistake-free. Since making a CD is a big step for any band, especially the first one, I think my bandmates might be scared or nervous about taking that first really big step. Has anyone else had a similar problem? What did you do about it? Does anyone have any idea how I can get them to loosen up a little and go for it? Thanks in Advanced!
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I dont see what the big deal is. Its just a few recordings. It's not like you guys are getting married...

I know, I tell them that all the freakin time. Its like look if the recordings turn out good we hand it out to people if its not then we don't. I'm getting kinda upset about this cuz It really is that simple, but they just don't seem to get it.
Tell them that it isn't that huge of a deal, it's not like you are going to tour through the world now just because you've got a demo.
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are you getting it recorded in a studio, or doing it yourselves?

if it was a studio deal, you could consider they might not have the time/money/inclination to do that yet

how old are you guys? consider maybe its something you could put off until you're all comfortable with the idea. there's no such thing as being over-prepared, and some extra time playing together would probably strengthen the finished product.

maybe talk you your band mates and ask them, without arguing your side of the problem, what their issues with recording are. hopefully you can work out a comprimise.

good luck.
yeah what nodice said, if your using a studio they might not have the money or time to do it or might still be nervous about recording a demo

but as people have said just assure them that it isnt a big deal and nothing is really at stake because of it
Tell them that if you **** up you can always record it again, and if you don't like it, you don't need to do anything with it.