So I was printing off a tab, and while I was waiting I figured I'd record me doing just some blues jamming. There's no rhythm part or anything, just the lead. I thought it was cool so i figured I'd post it. Song's on profile.
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Cool :3 But pace yourself a bit, not everything has to be fast, even in a blues rock solo ;D
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yeah true, good point. I noticed listening to it again I repeat a lot of the same licks. I need to learn or make up some new ones.
Sounds cool, but like you say, it's alot of the same licks, try moving up and down the neck. And a trick I learned from a Marty Friedman video, sit down and think of a few different licks, that can be repeated, and can be mixed up with each other. It really does work to make solos sound more interesting. Give it a try!
I actually moved around the neck a good deal I thought, but maybe not.

Can you give me any examples of licks like that, if you don't mind?
Great take. Like some of the guys said, you need to study more licks..

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or study the fretboard. you might have been moving alot, but you were probably playing the same notes in different places. Anyway, it sounded good.
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