i've read that they have a very distinct tone and overdrive texture, that people either seem to love or hate.
could someone point me to some sound clips of the amp in high-gain mode?
The versatility of the Dual Rectifier can be heard in some Norma Jean Songs.


Listen to A Small Spark vs. a Great Forest; The tone is really gritty and heavy but there isn't a lot of gain. It's probally one of the best mesa-orgasms i've experienced. This is with the tube rectifier.

Then, listen to Memphis Will be Laid to Waste. The tone is completley different, and is with the solid state rectifier.

Both are amazing but completley different.
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I love the Mesa Recto tube sag. A lot of bands use Rectos. If you like Metallica's black album to recent... or Slipnot.

Mesa Rectos are very versatile.. yet very distinct as I'm sure you already know.
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