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I hate the f*cking cat lovers who keep ranting about everything they do to cats.

But they're absolutely adorable!
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Since when did animals have specific sexualities? You are making no sense!
Wtf is wrong with the guy in the first one
Yeah i'm gonna let my very young kitten try to chew on sharp metal, and drag it away from my hand
No, I'm not going to grab it and move it or anything, hell I wont even let go of the tin, No i'm a ****ing retarted asshat.

i hate that guy.
Pfft, everyone knows when the fuckin' kitty is hungry, you give the fuckin' kitty some food. Anything otherwise could tear the fabic of space and time.
My all gold grills give her cold chills
Said she gotta coke feel cuz I'm sooo trill.
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lol I like the second video.

I know you're new and all, but...

Don't revive old-as-fuck threads!
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me