Awesome. I've been listening to alot of garage punk lately.

Funny sort of related story. Today in my web design class, this girl was asking the teacher what type of music he liked. He said his wife really likes Maroon 5 and they went to see them a week ago. He said "There was this great Swedish rock band called The Hives opening for them. They were really good." I of course told him that I love the Hives.

I thought that was kind of funny.
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I like the Bloody Hollies. They're not my favorite, but they have some good songs. Didn't they make a new record recently?
A long while back some guy used to post here all the time about this band.

IMO, they're nothing special.
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Yeah they're good. I think they are more garage rock than garage punk but that doesn't matter.

I would probably like them a lot less if it wasn't for their singers cool voice cos' the songs are pretty damn generic, but they are pretty cool. I missed them play at the Dirt Water club this month which kinda sucks.
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