No, but I airdrum and airpiano a lot. Airbass too, if I'm feeling naughty.
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When the time comes, I air guitar like a crazy person. Even in public.
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I do it so much I airguitar music that doesn't even have guitar

Apocalyptica FTW
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1. Get a trout.
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Seriously, I wouldn't **** with a guy who is randomly carrying a trout.

Air guitar, drum, bass. I play everything..........air.
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I used to. then i started playing guitar and i dont.
but i just looovvveeee to air drum. and sometimes, even air bass
of course, even in public! but not as extreme..just a airstrumming to the beat or subtle hand motions for the drums.

Fear the LIME

I usually listen to music and finger the notes on the back of my iPod like it's a fretboard, I just do it out of habit.
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this should be a poll, also yes
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Yes, I do this orgasmic spasm when ever I hear the Comfortably Numb solo, and I airguitar to it.
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I go insane when I air guitar lol. Tonight on the bus ride home I was air guitaring to the music in my head, people where giving me wierd looks but I know I was having more fun on that bus than they were.
yeep im all about the air, passing out air, air humping, air breathing, air guitarist, air drumming, air bassing, air pianoing

made up my own words there, feel free to use them
I air guitar as well, especailly when i am listing to my cd player and use it as a gigantic pick.
No, but I occassionally airdrum.

One time I was driving and I got up to this stoplight, I was singing in my car enthusiastically as per usual, and I turned around and saw this guy airdrumming like a monster just as he turned around and saw me bobbing my head aggressively and singing. It was one of those moments where you know you're meant to be with somebody then the light turned green and I never saw him again .
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I usually listen to music and finger the notes on the back of my iPod like it's a fretboard, I just do it out of habit.


but instead of an ipod i use my dslite
I only do airguitar shredding and soloing. No strumming or any of that nonsense. Just the hardcore ****.

Also for airdrumming I just dig the toms.
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I AirPiano alot, but AirGuitaring and AirDrumming just looks stupid to me.




air guitar FTW!!!

i even do it in the car at stoplights, or on the interstate. its pretty fun(ny)
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yeah, thats me

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Who doesn't?
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I like to give the Old Air-clarinet a blow once in a while. People look at me all wierd though. Any ideas why?
the worst one ive done is air drum guitar and keys every thing at a dream theater show and also preempt the changes. wanker
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All the time, I am also guilty of Airdrummig as well.

Same...I wish I could play drums
Of course, and probably more in public than by myself. And if theres a cool drum part, ill switch over to that, and then back to guitar and stuff. I even do it while driving sometimes, probably not the best habit ever...
lol i do in public, like at school and everyone whos a non guitarist just gives me weird stupid looks like "wtf?" but my guitar playing friends always join in and we "air shred"
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I air guitar sometimes, I usually end up air drumming more, but the wiediest think i do is air Violin-ing, even when the music doesn't have a violin in it. And it's not like I'm aware of it, my friends are usually like "wtf r u doin?" and I'm like"... I don't know..."


I airdrum a lot more then air guitar, even though I play guitar. I air drum all the time, especially while driving : /