Recently I have been invited to play in multiple groups...for example the community theatre...a local gospel/funk band...and other various groups

I have been playing long enough to invest in a nice bass (a fender highway one jazz bass) and I have developed my skills pretty well. On the contrary..every group I ever play with is willing to loan me an amp...I've been able to use things ranging from a peavey, and ampeg, to an SWR(which i was really starting to like). I personally own a tiny ibanez practice amp and thats it

One group however wants to loan me a Peavey Keyboard amp....will running a bass through a keyboard amp give me adequate sound quality...and will it in any way damage the amp...or will it work just fine?

any advice is greatly appreciated..thanks!!
Since a keyboard has such a broad range, I don't think you'll damage it, and since it covers the bass range, I think you'll sound ok too.
one other thing...

using other peoples amps has been great...but soon enough will come a time when I will need an amp of my own....personally I have liked the ampegs that I have played on a lot...but am in no way limiting myself to ampeg...but what are some good medium-level amps to start looking at purchasing?
Looks at some ashdowns, Fender (although you may find these to be over priced, nevertheless they are solid amps) and ampegs should be considered.
I think everyone would agree that Peavy amps are always good.

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SWR make great amps, check them out.
Ibanez SR505
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a keyboard amp will work fine. i think they just call it that, for the keyboard player.
i've always felt a "keyboard" amp was a just another bass amp. as far as your amp?
the tops have already been named. in my amp world, they go like this.
then all the rest.
don't flame me about Mesa's, Orange's, or any other "exotic" amp, i can't afford one.
Have to say im on the look out for a hartke no matter what my name says.

If you need power though Ashdown or Ampeg is the way to go

Ashdown 575 watts x2
Ampeg up to 2500 watts