im about to.

good idea bad idea?

i really dont care if i fuck it up but any tips?
Go hard. I've been cutting my hair by myself since I was 11.

It's just a real **** to do the back.
Speaking from expirience:

As long as you dont take off your left eyebrow to try and make a wierd hair style, yes, go for it.
get a camera first
or take before and after pictures
but yea that is a really good idea i have to admit..
Umm... normally the back and sides get ****ed up, unless you use a pair of clippers or something.
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my mate did it once...not advised...
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Just keep growing your damn hair, it looks better long.
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not recommended, if your doing it yourself.
i tried it and i had to get a ****ing mohawk type of haircut to cover it up.
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im about to.

good idea bad idea?

i really dont care if i fuck it up but any tips?

i had an ex who did that...........
i miss her
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I've been doing it for a while
I'm lucky I have curly hair, if I do something wrong it hardly makes a difference
i used to do it, back when i actually had hair cuts.

it's easy enough...just get a mirror. you might need a bit of help at the back, but it should be alright.
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