How do I tell stories that are interesting and paints pictures in other people's minds? Like if I want to share an experience I had, how can I do it in the most interesting and fun way? How do I get better at talking? Can give me some examples and be descriptive please. thx
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use descriptive adjectives, such as colors, tastes, smells, stuff that appeals to the senses. i cant frankly think of anything right now
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Get into, laugh at some of the more funny parts a little, but dont laugh or smile too much, it makes it funnier
You could try litarally painting a picture rather then metaphorically as well as explaing the story.
just use words with sexual overtones ALOT.

or words that sound sexual but completely arent...

like mastication and clavicle
don't use cliches

use original similies, metaphors, and figurative language.

i happen to be studying this now in Hnrs English I
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