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Fallout Boy
11 58%
Good Charlotte
8 42%
Voters: 19.
This has been bugging me, and I can't for the life of me figure it out. Fallout Boy had one song that I liked, but I hate Pete Wentz so much. Good Charlotte wasn't that bad on their old album, but the the lead singer is so stupid, and he went out with Hillary Duff. So who sucks the most?
You do. Delete this thread.
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good charlotte's love life shouldnt effect your evaluation of their musicality
and i vote fall out boy, at least they dont try to be hardcore and act like they used to be poor
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Is this not a versus thread?
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fall out boy sucks more
but im no fan of good charrlotte
or much pop-punk really
kinda bores me
not sayin its bad
thinkin it
but not sayin it
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