Okay I'm just starting out and I'm not sure how to go about this songwriting deal, and I want to get into it. Any Ideas on how to improve tell me please. So here is what i started out with:



just a word
from her lips
could silence all of my thoughts
and make me realize
how much i loved her

Verse 1
are you this girl i once knew
she was the perfect one for me
brown hair and peircing eyes
she was the only one for me
everything drew me near
and nothing pushed me away
i put her above everyone else
nothing mattered as much as she did


Verse 2
there were many things
that made me want her
promises that we would stay together
just put hope in the word forever
just the thought of her
could see me through
she brightened up my day
she made everything worth living for...
she was my world


Verse 3
her lips were so seducing
oh how i wish these lips were close to mine
and her beauty was almost a crime
she was the only thing i thought of
and the only one that i loved
she was the only thing that mattered
without her my dreams are shattered
my dreams are shattered (2x)
F*ck Yo Couch Nizz