Poll: Which instrument do you like most?
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View poll results: Which instrument do you like most?
25 83%
0 0%
Bass guitar
0 0%
Cucumber flute
5 17%
Voters: 30.
Which guitar do you like most and why? I hate my electric guitar..sucks ass...Insane buzzing and crappy neck..sucks ****..A gift from my friend and i'm getting a new highway one hss...can't wait...

Which guitar do you like most? maybe i can try them out?
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So you're asking people in a guitar forum, in the electric guitar subforum, which instrument they like the best?

I choose cucumber flute.
This gentleman above my post just made a really clear-embarrasing-you point..... Everybody is here cuz their passion in for either Acustic or electric guitar or both.... So what answers do you ever expect?..... Was Bandolin an potion....?
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yeah...din think of that i guess,s

Don't worry about it. Maybe this is just more non-electric-guitar worth, that's all
This is a guitar forum..

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