Im told the Oversized Rectifier Cabs have way overbearing bass. The sound im looking for is High Midrange, High Treble, and Balanced, understated, Tight Bass. Anyone have experience comparing these two cabs?
I have compared them side by side. My buddy from a band I won't name uses a Mesa Triple Rec with an oversize cab. I played on it, and switched between it and my Mesa Standard cab and I REALLY prefer the Standard cab. The bass is too boomy on the oversize cab, I had to turn the bass way down on the head and it was really flabby sounding.

The Mesa Oversize cab has a design flaw, and I have no idea why Mesa continues to sell them.
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I've heard that before, but I have one that I've used with several heads, and I haven't had that problem with it. Huge bass response yes, but controllable imo. I think it depends a lot on the head itself too though. I use a Mark IV with it, which is a very tight amp to begin with, a more pronounced mid voicing than booming lowend. I think they compliment eachother with with my particular rig. I probably wouldn't like it with a recto though either. For the TS, I would agree standard for anything understated in bass.
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