so after about 3-4 years of playing i realized that i could be soooo much better than i am now. i was never really big on scales until i decided that i want to be able to solo, so ive learned my pentatonics. but im not really too big on learning a million scales and modes because i just like to keep it basic. now that i know my way around them and what not, i am kind of stuck.

i realized that while improvising that i am basically doing the same 3 licks but slight differences. how can i get around this? its like i am in a rut and can't get around it. i also need to work up speed, and ive been playing to a metronome.

but dont think im to the shred type music cause i just want to learn how to do rocknroll type solos, kind of like these 2 solos in this vid (beggining and end) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARIH26EHhaU

thanks alot in advance
learn your diatonic scale also (better know as your major and minor scales). they're pretty much an add on for the pentatonic, that way it will give you more notes to play around with and improvise. eventually u'll catch on and u'll become more accurate as well as speed.

try looking for other influences also so u can grab licks form here and there, modify them to make them your own if u can...

that'll also help u if your in a rutt with your skill, even if u hate practicing, try and soldier on through and eventually u'll start to climb up in skill.
What I do is I look for videos on youtube and licks on blues musician's UG profiles, and learn them. Once they are in my playcabulary, I can throw them into my pentatonic improvisation to make my own.
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