Hey guys, I'm selling these sunglasses I just bought, but realized that I didn't need them (bought them for my friend, but got a pair already before I knew...)

I'm selling them for $55 through paypal most most preferably. Shipping is about $5. They are brand new, with the box, electric sunglasses bag, sticker, stencil, warranty etc. Retail price for these are at $80

PM me or e-mail me at khoifish321@gmail.com if you are interested.

Here is a stock picture of them:

edit: Also, I will get pictures of the actual sunglasses if you would like. Just request it.
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those glasses phail

i get my super dark mad doggers at the swap meet for 7 bucks
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Electric is the brand name of the sunglasses. Gain is the model name. Electric is to Gibson as Gain is to Les Paul. A quick analogy for ya
aww i was expecting them to be guitar related
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