Im trying to better teach myself to read music, and I dont have any money to buy a book right now, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any online sites with music in standard notation for guitar. Id like to find some sites that arent meant for classical guitar, as I am trying to improve efficiency with a pick, and Id prefer sites that have whole songs for guitar on them.

If any of you know of anything that would be really great.
Powertab and Guitarpro both have standard notation above the tab, and on guitarpro you can even take away the tab. But most guitar books that teach you notation are only like $7 US.

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"A Modern Method for Guitar: Volume 1" it cost $14.95 and its 125 pages of guitar sheet music goodness it dosn't have any famouse tunes because then you wouldn't have to read the music for it... just doing it from your ear dosn't require sight reading. so this book is muy excellente for learning how to sight read better..

I mean...common....its 14 bucks.... almost every music store has it.... its made by "Berklee" and therefor called the "Berklee Method"
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I say grab yourself a copy of Guitar Pro.
It can play back tabs to you, has the option of viewing tab, standard notation or both. That way you have a bit of a backup for if your ever in doubt too. In general its a pretty usefull program, dunno how I would go without it.