well wats been said is Sadder than whats been said before, ha, for this kid to die, well im sure thats a great feeling to go by, well why are we Sad and in mourn, i say we should praise in glory, for this kid to reach his destination, he didnt even do it out of determination, he just came out and did what he had to do, well thats better than everybodys elses rule, yes hes dead and will be missed, but he accomplised life yes he did, so lets praise in glory, with a silent encore

This silent encore, is loud only in our minds, to all the young and old, from a four year old death is better than fourty four

After the body is 6 feet under, This dead soul, is walking around supernaturally, causing interruptions in daily life, the death of a friend and the falling of an angel, no trust in it, but its scared of the pollution, ever thought that we are interrupting its home

This silent encore, now we wonder what we’ve done, to the young and old, that wonder after death

So what do we do now? We make it suffer, more and more, according to the standards of how we live, we call in ghost hunters, to scare it more, and ruin the aspects of life, you cant change this world, leave it alone,

Maybe its doing this for a reason… to prove a point

A silent encore, to make it rest, we pray we cry, it now wanders in peace, asleep and alone, that’s how it should be
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He's just trying to protect our innocence.

Yes i am
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