I need some tuning advice. I'm having trouble trying to tune my guitar to C. I'm a noob to tuning, and my tuner (its a korg) doesn't pick up on C for some reason. It goes straight from B to D, no matter what I do. The tuner, standard tunes fine........where's that C?.

I'm trying to play Dethklok songs.
Does your tuner have a button that says "Flat" or "Guitar/Flat" or anything similar to that?
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Try playing the note louder, or use clean settings on amp. Plug it in directly to the guitar. With my tuner, when I try to tune it sometimes it skips around from B to D to G and its like wtf. You just have to mess with it until it pops up C. try some of the stuff I suggested above and see if that works. If not, play your 5th fret and it should read F when its a open C.

P.S. I think its because the string rattles, so the key changes.
You can try tuning to a piano.
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Simple problem is its a guitar tuner.

Buy a chromatic tuner, they tune to all notes, sharps and flats. Whereas most cheap guitar tuners only tune guitar notes.
I think he means that his tuner only recognizes the notes E A D G and B. But if it is a silver Korg tuner with 'guitar/bass' and 'flat' buttons, press the flat button 4 times, then tune to standard.
And buy a new tuner.

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my korg does the same thing. I got myself a fender tuner that is downright magical. However it has issues pickup up C on my acoustic. With the korg you have the option of going flat with the little flat button. Press it FOUR times so that two little notes show up in the corner. That is C.
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Just remember the higher the letter (on the alphabet scale) the lower in sound and making a note flat twice makes it a whole note lower (in sound). So, a double flat D is a C. Get your tuner and slap that bad boy in double flat D and your done.
Yep, its the crappy silver Korg. I hit the flat button 4 times and its seems about right. Thanks for the advice. Thinking i need a new tuner.

Thanks again
Standard; Two whole steps down: C F Bb Eb G C - ( C F A# D# G C )

1. Play the 1st fret Low E string and the A string open. Retune the A string to match the 1st fret Low E string.
2. Play the 5th fret A string and the D string open. Retune the D string to match the 5th fret A string.
3. Play the 5th fret D string and the G string open. Retune the G string to match the 5th fret D string.
4. Play the 4th fret G string and the B string open. Retune the B string to match the 4th fret G string.
5. Play the 5th fret B string and the High E string open. Retune the High E string to match the 5th fret B string.
6. Play the 5th fret Low E string and the A string open. Retune the 5th fret Low E to match the A string open.
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