My friend has 200 dollars to spend on a metal amp and I remember the cube series being good, is the 20x version alright? I remember one of them wasn't good.
What sound is he looking to get out of it? While the 20X is quite versatile, I like the clean and somewhat overdriven sounds of it, but not really the most distorted ones, personally I feel they are too fizzy. EDIT: Re-read your post, noticed "metal amp"... Yeah, personally I don't like it, although I can't mention any any other amp in this price range I like for this either.

I also like that it feels quite well made for something that cheap, and it sounds OK both at quiet and loud volumes.

There are a lot of reviews of it on Harmony Central, check those out also.
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yeah a cube is good the more expensive ones have more modelling options me thinks. i have the older cube 15 and only got 4 amp modellers.
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^ i think the 20 is the same, or at least similar.

micro or 30, if you ask me.
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The microcube offers some good tones to play metal, but due to its tiny speaker you have to play it at relatively low volume.
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