Both are short and both contain acoustic guitar and bass. One of them has an electric guitar solo over it. So yeah, they're are titled "Groovy" and "I don't know." Crit me and I'll crit you. I may be slow with it, but I'll get you one. I promise. Anyway, link is in my sig. Hope you enjoy.
i listened to 'my latest piece or somethin..'
can u please tab the riff for me?
****in love it,,
u play in a band?
typing this as I'm listening to 'groovy'

good mix, but your bends go out of tune, so watch that. Good melody, needs some practice getting some of the technical stuff down, the strumming is a little sloppy. Watch your tempo around :29, you drag a little. Good blend of sound, I don't know what you're recording with, but I'd turn down the lead guitar track just a little and maybe use less distortion and more of a treble sound.

I don't know:

i don't have much to say about this piece. For what it is it's good. Everything flows and is pleasing to listen to. It's redundant, but I'd guess that you probably already have plans of some sort to add to this. Maybe solo over it, or add vox..anything like that.

I don't have anything for you to crit, just thought I'd see what people on UG are doing these days.
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I agree with everything Dashboard said, I also think "My latest work" is fantastic, but you should probably re-record it with different distortion and EQ. The sound lacks presence, and whatever distortion you're using has too much fuzz covering up the tone.

edit: and consider recording a separate rhythm track so that it can keep going under the lead. I wouldn't change the lead one bit.
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groovy was so awesome! cool melody with the guitar and really really well produced, it sounded nice and pristine...

once again "i dont know" had beautiful tones for the acoustic and it was nice and spacious, like a room o' sound...

"my lastest work" was intense!! sweet riffs and chord progression the intro got me hooked right away and again i really liked how you doubled the track up on the left and right to give it a spacious feel... in fact the whole song, especially the end slow section reminded me of one of the songs i have on my profile.

crit mine please? both of 'em are on my profile...