hey all.
whats the best way for me to record electric guitar? is it worth getting a soundhole pickup, or should i just mic it? if i mic it, will it be ok to use a ordinary dynamic mic, ie the one ill be using for my vocals ill be using my m-audio fast track usb interface.

Mike is always the best way.

However, not many dynamic microphones are suitable for acoustic guitar. The Shure SM57 is not.

If your fast track supports phantom powered condenser mikes, you may want to think about purchasing a cheap condenser, as this will be fantastic for acoustic and vocals.

Check out the Samson C01 and the MXR990 for starters.

If you want to go dynamic, check out the Shure Beta 57.
yeah, mic would be best
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miking is definitely the way to go, as brian said, dynamic mics like the sm-57 aren't quite sensitive enough to pick up all the freq's that an acoustic will produce, the best way to go is a nice flat sounding condenser or, if you can afford one, a ribbon mic.

pickups will work fine enough if you're in a pinch tho, i prefer magnetic pickups over piezo.
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ok thanks for that. is it worth getting two mics so that i can record my vocals and guitar simultaneously? or am i better off getting opne higher quality mic and just recording seperatly/
probably better off just getting one really nice mike and recording separately.

but that will depend on if you can still sing well without the guitar there to back you up.

when you do get your mike think about its placement.
try not to get too much of the sound hole or it will be 'boomy'
there's some good articles around. Google!