Right so you upload a tab of your band and it gets accepted but when i upload a tab that isnt on the net at all by Yngwie Malmsteen it doesn't.

That isn't an attack on you. It's an attack on the submission system they have at the moment.

Anyway, i listened to the track on Myspace and it sounds great. Not my type of metal usually but it was cool. Awesome recording quality too.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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I didn't think so...The rules didn't say: Please do not post links to TABS of your band here.
It is a TAB Talk forum.

And i wasn't posting a link to another tab site since it is probably not gonna be on any other site because this is the only site i have ever uploaded a tab ever.

But if a moderator tells me otherwise then I will refrain from doing so in the future.

Hey thanks Donkey Fly! Its cool you took the time to check us out. Since recording that demo we have 2 new guys, a lead guitarist and a bassist. And our lead guitarist is a shredder. His influences are, Suffocation, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malsteem, and Joeman Satriani. I personally don't get into alot of that stuff because I think i was born to become a rhythm guitarist and i am not as interested in lead work. I just don't have that coordination and patience...But i do try to constantly learn new stuff to keep things fresh for me.