After having a browse in the 'Ultimate Gear' stickied thread and finding no information on effects pedals but lots of info on amps I thought I'd ask the community directly.
So yeah, I'm looking for an effects pedal for between £150 to £200. Obviously for that price I'm not going to get anything spectacular; so right now I'm looking at a BOSS ME 50 and a Line6 Floor Pod Plus. Anyone got any good or bad experiences with those bad-boys?
I have a Boss GT-8 for sale, probably with about 10 minutes worth of use.
Just never got round to using it properly so it's in perfect condition.
PM me if you're interested
I had a Boss GT-3, did the job great at a great price but it was a bit tone sucking. If you spend a good amount of time setting it up though, it could be great for less than £100
Zoom G9.2tt £165 off GAK with a couple tubes boo yar line 6 and boss
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I don't reccomend the Boss ME-50. It's tone isn't as spectacular as lots of people say. The lead guitarist in my band uses one. You need to attach an extra footswitch to change patches or something like that. And also when you change tone there is a silent gap which can really screw with our life performance. He used to have an old Zoom. It only had 2 buttons for stepping on but it was easier to use and the tone was just as good and it's a whole lot cheeper.


I reccomend this.

EDIT: It's actually cheaper on GAK:
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^ Please dont buy the g2.1u, i had it and it's pretty crap. Especially compared to other multi-FX like the Toneworks AX1500 or Boss ones
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Thanks for the sharp replies guys, I'm looking into the BOSS GT8 as we speak. I forgot to mention, distortion doesn't mean too much for me. My amp gives all the distortion I need for a lifetime lol. Though I have to say the Zoom G9.2tt does look impressive for the dough. Decisions, decisions.
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^ Please dont buy the g2.1u, i had it and it's pretty crap. Especially compared to other multi-FX like the Toneworks AX1500 or Boss ones

I have a G2.1U, and while the distortions aren't very good, most of the effects are.
I recommend the ME-50. I have one and have never had a problem with it. You should be able to find a used one for around £100 aswell
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