can anyone gimme sum tips?
i've played for around 3yrs..excluding my 1 yr classical guitar...
i dont see myself improve alot...i mean..i can only play Minor , and Minor Pentatonic..and dun realli know much how soloing works...
i'm into stuff like My chem Romance,Atreyu,Paul Gilbert,Neil Zaza ,SOTY,alternative and pop punk...
strumming,powerchords is not a prob for me...but i need guides and tips for lead guitar,soloing...
Practice, practice, practice. Find a tricky song that you want to learn, get a tab, and just work at it bar by bar and you'll find that by learning songs with tricky bits you'll develop techniques that can be used elsewhere.
learn modes and intervals. really helps. then try and figure out what mode/scale a particular lick is in. listen to more old school metal and hard rock, go easy on the emo and punk if you want to progress as a guitarist. i mean, it is fun to learn their songs, but if you reach a point where you can pick up any pop punk song and learn it in a matter of minutes, you know you have to move on. and what better to move on to than 80s metal and hard rock
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And learn how to spell.


Learn music theory, try to improve in technique, get into the other realms of music (jazz, classic, alternative, electronica, metal ...) and experiment with the. Jam with other people. Find the band.
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my neew year reslosutions are not too drikn as much lol.

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Try to learn some 70s classic bands solos one by one and drew conclusions. Playing guitar isn't the rocket science.
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OK, first check out the Musical Theory sticky in the Musician Talk section to learn scales. Check out some videos on YouTube to learn about soloing. (Type in pentatonic scale licks for a good start).

Also, learn some challenging songs or songs that are fun to play and help your skills while still being moderately easy. Since you like Atreyu, check out Lipgloss and Black; the intro is very easy to tap and helps with timing. Also check out Right Side of the Bed. That's a great song.

After a while, start learning about keys, chord progressions, and soloing to start writing your own stuff.
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yup..currently learning RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED! hehe
Woohoo, that song rocks!!

I love playing that song .

The intro The Crimson is also a great song to learn because it helps you with accuracy, timing, and coordination. Also, it has those cool hammer-on/pull-off triplets.
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